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Heemskerk Transport Services is a Dutch road transport company with proven expertise and customers in general cargo, beverages, animal feed and other related transport services to destinations in rural, countryside area's. Our customers are active in producing and or marketing top class products for the modern (dairy) farmer, horse owners and or veterinarian. For them outsourcing logistical services and combining smaller shipments together, provides better competitive force while gaining service level. Heemskerk Transport Services makes sure that the products that are given in our care are delivered at the place and time that the customer specifies.

Our mission is clear: We bring our expertise and infrastructure to build transport solutions customized to the needs of our customers.

We specialize in distinctive transport services.

Agricultural transport: Trough our related activities in the dairy and feed industry, we have the expertise and ability to handle various products that are needed on a (dairy) farm every day. Delivery in difficult remote and rural, countryside area's is a daily activity for our experienced and skilled drivers.

Beverage transpor: Especially on behalf of smaller breweries and their customers often located in the countryside, we provide (inter)national transport services.

General Cargo: Our drivers have knowledge of handling a variety of goods that are generally qualified as general cargo.

Warehousing: When needed we have vast warehouse facilities available.

Geography: Services operational in The Netherlands, Belgium , Luxemburg, Northern France, Germany and Danmark

The core of Heemskerk Transport Services is a fleet of modern vehicles, specifically designed to carry a broad range of products safely and efficiently.

Flexibility: Working with tractor trailer combinations provides us quick switching between trailers with various functionalities. The variety that we offer are Boxtrailers, equipped with heavy duty tailgate lifts and electrically powered pallettrucks, the sliding side curtain trailers carry diesel powered rearmounted forktrucks.

Accessibility: Also under slippery road and weather conditions our vehicles can reach the desired destinations. We're the only company that utilizes 4x4 tractor units. The 4x4 drive system provides excellent performance when manouvering the truck, attaching the trailers and when the truck ends up on unpaved surfaces or one of the frontwheels next to the side of the road.

Contact on the road: All our drivers can be contacted through GSM cellular telephones which can be used for transmission of voice and text messages.

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